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~~~~~ Second Canvas apps have been featured App of the Day and App of the Year ~~~~
An innovative app that aims to change the way we appreciate art in the gallery, school and home.' – The Telegraph

A walk at the same time real and virtual' – La Repubblica

An extraordinary help to make art available to those who can not visit the exhibitions' – El País

SC Archaeological Museum of Udine app is your tool for exploring the archaeological collections in super high resolution, like never before.

Discover, interact, learn from stories told by experts or choose your favorite detail and share it with your friends on social media, including the option of hooking it up to your TV screen at home or at school, or use it with Apple TV.

Created by Archaeological Museum of Udine and Madpixel, Second Canvas allows you to explore selected objects from the museum’s collection, with the best quality and resolution. The scope of operation of the Museum includes: disseminating and promoting the collections of the Archaeological Museum of Udine and museum’s activities covering collections and works of scientific archaeological value, which have been created as the result of beliefs of people who share the feeling of belonging to or appreciation of the italian culture regardless of their place of residence, nationality or religion.

Main characteristics of the Second Canvas app:
• Explore the works with the best possible quality, to the extent of being able to see in detail ceramic production and the technique of the painting, thanks to the Gigapixel resolution.
• Discover the incredible details and the stories behind them, told by the Museum team: characters, symbols, the technique or style of the archaeological finds collected by Augusto de Brandis and donated to the Museum in 1924.
• Available in Italian and soon in English

We hope you’ll enjoy Archaeological Museum of Udine. Send us your experience with the App and help us to improve:

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