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Retro Board

发行商: Travelonium AB
价格: 免费


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We all feel a bit nostalgic from time to time. Yearning for the good old days when life was simpler and had a much slower pace. You probably remember the whirr of clicking one heard when sitting in the station or the airport waiting for a train or a flight. That's right, we are talking about the mechanical boards previously called Solari boards and later Flip-Flap or Split-Flap boards. Did you love them as much as we did?!

Retro Board will bring a piece of those memories and days right back to your TV screen but with a modern, sharp and crisp HD/4K look! There is something soothing about just looking at it which can captivate you for hours!

Whether you are flying or are waiting for someone else's flight, you can follow the flights right from your couch.

Or maybe you're running a business, a hotel, a restaurant or a conference center that is host to customers expecting to fly at some point during their visit. They'd certainly love to be able to know if their flight is leaving on time before leaving their rooms or the lobby. Perhaps they'd choose to extend their visit if they find out that their flight has been delayed or cancelled before leaving for the airport.

Retro Board can also save your staff at the reception a lot of time answering questions about flight statuses and will also give them a head start in planning when mass cancellations happen at a nearby airport.

Either way, Retro Board turns any ordinary iPad or TV screen into a beautiful, modern, sleek and yet nostalgic Flight Information Display System. Receive real-time departure times, arrival times, delays and terminal and gate information for any flight departing from or arriving to almost any airport around the world.

It looks mechanical but we assure you that it runs on electricity and requires zero maintenance!

Commercial licenses can be granted on a per case basis. Please contact us for more information using


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