Masquerade - Hide your Face

发行商: Henrique Conte
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A game of deducting secret identities.

[ You need an iPhone to play]

The players can have respective roles:
- Prince
- Guest
- Red Death
- Plague Doctor
- Hex
- Night Owl
- Shapeshifter
- Princess

The objective from the Red Death is to contaminate the other players, while the objective from the other roles is to discover who are the Red Deaths before the plague contaminates everyone. The Red Deaths win if they are more of the half from the number of the remaining players.

It is a game with a minimum of 5 players, fast and exciting, played in 5-15 minutes.

The players should argue with the others, using several strategies as bluffing, discussing, deducting, induce, and others.

Developed in the Apple Developer Academy | PUCRS
Team: Henrique Conte, Laura Pilz, Maria Eduarda Nascimento, Pedro Enrique Lopes, Rovane Moura.

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