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Feel real freedom with modern peer-to-peer video transmission technology, as well as the complete security of your broadcast with end-to-end traffic encryption technology. The main feature of alfacast is the ability to view video broadcasts without of any intermediate servers, using serverless peer-to-peer technology.

alfacast features:
• Support video resolution up to SD quality
• Serverless single channel peer-to-peer viewing technology
• Automatically discover users on the local network
• Multiplatform support
• Secure connection with end-to-end AES-128 encryption technology
• And much more...

General requirements:
• Devices must be connected to the same network
• Support only IPv4 networks

For share you iOS screen to tvOS:
• Download iOS and tvOS versions of alfacast from App Store and run
• Connect your iOS and tvOS to the same WiFi network
• Use "Live Broadcast" option from iOS app main menu
• Start broadcast with "alfacast live" extension on iOS
• Wait approx ~15 seconds for end discovery process on tvOS
• Select your discovered iOS device inside alfacast tvOS app

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