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"Get access to CCiTV when you want it and where you want it to watch TV and movies, recorded programming from the cloud, or Replay TV to watch a program you missed in the last 72 hours. CCiTV fits your lifestyle, whether you’re at home or on the go – it’s everything you love about TV with a modern twist! Exclusively for Consolidated Communications Internet and CCiTV subscribers.

CCiTV is available to watch using today’s popular streaming devices you already own. We also offer a set-top box with remote control for those who prefer a more traditional TV experience. Choose your channel line-up, add optional premium channels, and watch anywhere, anytime!


Live, Local, HD: Enjoy channels in your line-up in pure HD quality!

DVR: Record your must-see shows and movies to the cloud. Watch them anytime from your Apple TV when it fits your schedule.

Forget to set your DVR? No worries with Replay TV: Most programs aired in the last 72 hours are stored for you automatically and available to watch instantly. Never miss your favorite program again.

Profiles: CCiTV learns your preferences and offers suggested shows and movies you’re sure to love. Create profiles for the entire household so everyone gets a personalized experience.

Search: Use voice control to quickly find shows and movies, browse our full selection of programming by genre and network, or simply scroll through the guide.

To learn more about CCiTV or to check availability in your area, go to"

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