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Lumos TV is a fully functioning streaming TV service available exclusively to Lumos Networks internet subscribers. Enjoy the TV programming you love without the hassle of set top boxes, cords and wires. Lumos TV is the app that runs on today's most popular streaming media devices. No matter what streaming device you are using at the time, your favorite TV programming is available at your fingertips. - Live and Local: Your favorite local broadcast channels along with national broadcast channels are all available.
- Cloud DVR: Record your favorite shows for later viewing all in the cloud so easy to access on virtually all of your devices.
- Replay TV: Never miss your favorite programs with this great feature because we store 72 hours in the cloud for instant access.
- Profiles and Recommendations: Lumos TV learns your preferences and gives you suggestions on new shows and movies based on your preferences. Set up profiles for all family members so everyone in the house gets a personalized and customized experience.

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