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Businistry TV

发行商: Cross Media Corporation
价格: 免费


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The channel objective is to motivate the masses by showcasing the masters of business and life. We offer innovative, life changing self-help programming to create lifestyle enhancements for all humans regardless of age, gender or education level. Businistry TV features teachings from the world's best speakers and life experts.

Our partners are industry changers that have written best-selling books and created award winning content that has changed thousands of lives. They conduct workshops and seminars around the globe with everyone from teenage entrepreneurs to fortune 500 CEO’s.

Businistry TV was created to offer alternative programming for those that want to be educated and empowered to change our world. After many years of attending seminars, workshops and conferences we wanted to create a single location to offer practical self-development content to the masses that can be received anywhere, anytime at low to no cost.

In addition to offering thought provoking content we wanted to create a digital streaming platform for motivational speakers, inspirational leaders, authors, teachers and business experts to showcase their work and many years of experience. There are thousands of brilliant leaders that have created systems, processes and formulas to change how we exist personally and professionally on this earth.

Through years of research and study we have determined that there is not one answer for all of life's ups and downs. As individuals we live differently, learned differently and teach differently. Modern technology gives us access to unlimited data from every end of the earth but how we apply it makes the difference.

We offer cutting edge programming in the areas of leadership, finances, parenting, personal development, business, health and fitness, workplace management, ministry, relationships, sales and marketing, spiritual growth, medical, wealth management, lifestyle enhancement, real estate investing and sex.

As an ever evolving motivational platform we are always seeking free content to feature on our channels, blogs, social media and live events. Contact us today to take your content global.


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