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Oddbods & Friends

发行商: FutureToday Inc
价格: 免费


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Oddbods is a non-dialogue, vibrant, hilarious world inhabited by 7 funny and very different characters who encourage kids to be themselves and embrace differences. Nominated for two successive International Emmys for Best Kids' Animation, the series is lots of fun and loved by kids across the globe.

For fun and adventure, the miniature world of the Insectibles, led by Zak, his Grandpa, and their group of bionic insect pals, takes you on adventures of unimaginable scale! The pals must use their collective brainpower, ingenuity and bionic 'super-powers' to thwart the evil threats that lay just beyond that blade of grass!

The equally tiny and hilarious world of Antiks follows two sibling ants, Joey and Boo, who have a huge appetite for food, curiosity and mischief, with minuscule levels of mass destruction! It’s messy, colourful, fun, and just a little dangerous…

The galaxy's most curious and adventurous little robot, Rob The Robot, explores the universe one planet at a time with his intrepid co-explorers Ema, TK and Orbit. An educational journey to teach social soft skills by engaging with children in a relatable and friendly way.

Oddbods & Friends is sure to entertain your kids with the highest quality of animated series.


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