Halloween Haunted House for TV

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Celebrate Halloween with a beautiful, entertaining and fun haunted house screensaver for Apple TV. Supports full 1080p HD and stunning 4K high definition picture! Perfect for a party, social gathering, or simply to relax and unwind. It's also a great screensaver to showcase the beauty of your 4K TV.

The Halloween Haunted House screensaver is rendered entirely in real time on your Apple TV. It is not pre-recorded. You never know what spooky surprise will happen next!

Fun Features:

• Stunning graphics supporting full resolution 1080p HD and 4K
• Realistic Jack-o-lanterns
• Dynamic weather effects
• Spooky sound effects
• Flying bats, ghosts, and more surprises you'll never expect!
• Good for kids - fun spooky elements without horror themes

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