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MUSIC/SLASH PLAYER is a music player service that specializes in delivering live-streamed music from MUSIC/SLASH. You will need a ticket to access live streaming.

- A ticket comes with a ticket number and password; please enter these in order to log in. You can log in starting one hour prior to the start of each event.

To get the most out of your MUSIC/SLASH experience, please note the following:

MUSIC/SLASH is a streaming service specializing in video content with top-level sound quality, developed with the aim of ensuring high-quality music streaming to users who want to enjoy music at its very best. Therefore, users will need a network environment with a higher level of stability compared to typical video streaming services. To enjoy listening to and watching the contents of this service to the fullest, users are advised to ensure an internet connection speed of 15 megabytes per second (15 Mbps) or higher at all times. Users are requested to take full personal responsibility for ensuring the speed of the ethernet/Wi-Fi used in the audiovisual environment. Network cable speed can vary depending on the level of usage of cables in the surrounding area; if your internet connection speed does not meet the requirements for this service, please direct inquiries to the network service provider with which you have a contract.

- MUSIC/SLASH is a streaming service characterized by particularly high-quality sound, which can be affected by the nature of the playback environment (i.e., the performance level of your speakers and headphones) used for watching and listening. Users should take personal responsibility for ensuring an optimal playback environment, in order to enjoy the performances of the artists at their very best.

- MUSIC/SLASH is a video streaming service which was created in order to deliver streamed video content with the highest level of sound quality while ensuring appropriate protection of artists’ rights. High-performing Digital Rights Management (DRM) tools have been embedded in this system, in order to protect copyright. MUSIC/SLASH does not permit the copying, downloading, filming, exhibiting, publishing, redistribution, or any other illegal actions pertaining to any contents whatsoever with no exceptions permitted. Any illegal actions will result in the suspension of the user’s account and the imposition of legal penalties, including demands for the payment of damage compensation.


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