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Questions - Social Card Game

发行商: Luke Pearce
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Questions Party Game is the perfect companion to your social occasion, be it hanging out with mates, breaking the ice with new pals, camping under the stars with old friends or getting ready to paint the town.

Questions Party Game is intended to be played with a group of friends. Each game requires very little concentration and all games are based on a pass and play style mechanism - a fancy way of saying tap the screen to view the next card.

There's no user accounts, no ads, no sharing to social networks (but we'd love it if you did!) and no winners or losers, just all around good times.

Questions Party Game consists of four different game modes: Questions, Best Answer Wins, Story Time and Rhyme Time.

# Questions: Take it in turns answering the question, keep going until someone hesitates. Think things like: Songs with Spanish lyrics, Types of bread, or Something you do once a month.

# Best Answer Wins: Each player gets one chance, one opportunity to answer each question and the best answer wins. Think questions like: A sure way to feel goosebumps, A color you would use to describe yourself, or The worst thing you could do at a family dinner.

# Story Time: Read the prompt and whoever relates to the prompt can share their story, be it funny, weird, or just awkward. There's no winners or losers here. Think prompts like: A time you ruined someone else’s vacation, A time you got into a dance battle, or a time you experienced something paranormal.

# Rhyme Time: Take it in turns to rhyme the prompt on the card. Keep taking turns until someone hesitates, repeats an answer or answers with something that doesn't rhyme.

Questions is currently the only game mode that is free to play, if you enjoy the Questions game mode make sure to check out the other packs (such as Best Answer Wins). By checking out the other packs you'll help support indie app development which in turn will allow me to spend time adding in more packs and questions into this app, now tap that little GET button and GET ready to party!


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