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System Monitor Utility - System Information

发行商: Pilcrow AG
价格: 1.99 USD


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System Monitor Utility informs you about processes in your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch that are happening behind the screen. Memory usage and distribution, used and remaining disk space, network information and overview and much more.
CPU load and running processes are shown as well as a quick check for battery health.

The more you know about your device, the better you can put it into use.
System Monitor Utility allows you to shut down applications to free CPU capacity for other applications.
System Monitor tells you how much memory and processing power each application and each process is using.

Be informed what is happening inside of your iPhone.
Find out what processes use the most ressources, how much of your RAM is used and how much disk space is left.

System Monitor Utility may help you in problem solving and optimization of certain applications. This app provides you with the information that may help you to track down which applications "bite" each other and increase the stability and performance by telling you which applications you need to shut down.

Main Features:
- Display total and remaining disk space
- Display Memory Usage and Distribution
- Display Network Information and Statistics
- Battery Health and Status Overview
- Display CPU type
- Display CPU Speed and Bus Speed
- Show running processes
These are only the main features, more functionability and information is to be found inside the app.

Get System Monitor Utilities today, and get in control!


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