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Welcome to 5MinChurch APPLE TV Channel. You can now access the app on your phone, tablet, web and now Apple TV for FREE! Daily videos, music, blogs, Mid Week Minutes, Sunday Sermon Jams and more right on your TV. PLUS Apple TV gives our small group users a better experience to those part of our 5MinChurch Groups. 5MinChurch allows you to be part of a real church but on your time and when you need it the most. Download for yourself and become part of the fastest and largest growing church community.

5MinChurch APP is a real and global church without walls or location that exists solely in the palm of your hand. We have our phones with us 24/7 being the last thing we look at before we go to bed and the first thing we look at when we wake up. Today we live life at the ends of our fingertips so we believe church should be there too.

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