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TV+ offers several movies, TV series, documentaries, cartoons, live TV channels, sports games and more. From Turkish movies to English movies, TV series to the cartoons you can find all kinds of content you expect from an online TV platform on TV+. You can easily subscribe to TV+, which is available to all operator users, and start enjoying it whenever you want. If you wish, you can also rent your favorite movies and watch them without subscribing.

You Can Watch Turkish and Foreign Movies

TV+ presents a wide variety of films for those who want to watch Turkish and English movies in genres such as horror movies, comedy movies, animated movies, action movies, science fiction movies and adventure movies. You can bring the pleasure of watching movies to your home as TV+ offers 4K Ultra HD Films. Watching the best movies is just a click away!

You Can Watch Turkish and Foreign TV Series

For those who want to watch online TV series, TV+ offers many options. You can find different types of series to watch, such as old series, Turkish series, science fiction series and comedy series on TV+. To watch the online TV series, you can download the TV+ application now and start exploring the contents.

You Can Watch Cartoons and Animated Movies With Your Kids

Apart from the unforgettable movies and the most watched TV series, TV+ also offers many contents for children. On this platform, where films for children are included, especially animated films can attract children's attention. Besides animated movies that you can watch as a whole family together, many cartoon series are also offered.

You Can Discover New Documentaries
Animal documentaries, wild nature documentaries, scientific documentaries, biography documentaries and more are on TV+! Those who like watching documentaries can find interesting contents in accordance with their interests.

You Can Watch Live TV Channels and Sports Games
You can watch live TV channels and programs on TV+. You can rewatch the programs you missed by rewinding and recording them on TV Plus. Apart from numerous national channels, music channels and other TV channels; you can also watch games and competitions from Premiere League, Bundesliga, NBA, Formula 1 and tennis.

New films, TV series, documentaries and cartoons are added to the TV+ every passing month. Latest movies, cult movies, movies in theaters, comedy TV series and many other genres increase in numbers in course of time. If you want to watch all these contents offered on the TV+, you can subscribe to TV+ now!

About In-App Purchase:

"Premium TV+ Package" is 17.99 TL per month. The selected TV channels, selected movies and series can be watched within the scope of the package. Additional movies and TV shows can be rented separately.

Movie and Series Rental, Purchase:

Movies and series can be rented between 12,99 and 19,99 TL varying according to the content. The rented content is can be watched for 30 days from the first viewing moment as many times as desired within 48 hours. Purchased contents can be watched limitless during subscription.

In case of monthly subscription within the application, you would be charged from your iTunes account with the price option for your country. Price information is shown before the payment process is completed. Unless auto-renew is turned off 24 hours before the end of the subscription, your subscription will be automatically renewed. Your iTunes account is charged on a monthly basis 24 hours before the end of the membership. You can turn off the automatic renewal service at any time from your iTunes account settings. If subscription is renewed, it cannot be cancelled. In this case your membership would be valid until the end of the month.

You can send your requests and suggestions about the application via the "Contact Us" section on the application or by e-mail to "".

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