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PASKAL3D Experience-Refraction

发行商: IPRO GmbH
价格: 21.99 USD


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New professional refraction system for the Apple iPad, to perform a monocular refraction under binocular stereoscopic conditions. This program allows for optotypes to be displayed on a 3D TV with passive circular polarisation, and shows 3D images for the subjective refraction. Apple TV is used to connect the iPad with the 3D TV.

CE certified according to MPG

To maintain natural stereoscopic vision throughout the refraction process, both eyes are kept open during the complete testing procedures, but permanently separated by circular polarisation filters in the trial frame or the phoropter.

Optotypes are only displayed for the eye that is being tested, the other eye doesn't see them. The environment and the stereoscopic background are always displayed to both eyes.

The program contains a basic refraction concept with 9 tests for an efficient eye test (more than 60 tests are available in total).

The refraction concept starts with a binocular vision screening (stereopsis) and contrast vision. The dominant eye is determined. The further refraction with sphere, cylinder and axis is done using a test field. A cross test and stereopsis test with graded parallax show the binocular status. With a last test, the results are demonstrated binocularly.

This refraction concept reduces valuable test time, and improves results as the patient does not tire as quickly as during the standard procedures. The patient is relaxed, looking at a beautiful scenery and not the usual black on white optotypes.

The optometrist can create 5 own test series, selecting from more than 60 tests available. The tests cover the areas VA, cylinder adjustment, spherical fine adjustment, red/green test, MKH (Haase), phoria tests, stereoscopic and contrast vision tests.

The menu navigation and program controls are extremely easy and quick to use. They support the user efficiently during the refraction procedure by their clear layout and test-series selection.


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