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Dragon Counts to Ten Plus

发行商: Ventura Educational Systems
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Dragon Counts to Ten
A Story for Beginning Readers

Dragon is busy counting. Mom is cleaning house. She sends Dragon outside to count. Preschoolers will love this delightful story about Dragon's adventures as he finds a set to match all of the numbers from 1 to 10. Each page is animated and the text of the story includes plenty of repetition and simple words to ensure success for beginning readers. In addition to teaching the number words from one to ten, the names of animals and a variety of prepositions are introduced.

Colorful Graphics and Animation

Dragon is a cute, curious character that youngest readers will find appealing. The story takes place in Dragon's cave, a flower-filled meadow and the woods nearby. The characters are animated, and the graphics are bright and colorful.

Record and playback buttons appear on each page of the story. Initially parents, teachers or grandparents may want to read and record the story for the child. Eventually the child will learn to read the story and will want to read it independently.

Humor and Plot Stimulate Interest

Like most preschoolers, Dragon can't get enough of counting everything around him. Beginning readers will both relate to and see the humor in Dragon as he moves about the woods with his clipboard and pencil. He finds sets of animals from one to nine. But the plot thickens when Mom calls him home to lunch before he finds a set of ten. How will Dragon finish his counting? A satisfying resolution will keep youngest readers interested until the last word.

At the end of the story three learning activities are provided to help with letter recognition and beginning reading.


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