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FulGaz Video Cycling App

发行商: Bizar Mobile
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Explore race or train in any one of a thousand locations, any time. FulGaz has everything from Tour de France climbs to local-knowledge inspired sightseeing rides. There’s a ride for everyone. Ride solo, race your friends, or enjoy real-time cycling events without leaving your home - You’re in control.

Private group rides and races.
Using the all-new group ride feature, you can now turn ANY FulGaz video into your own group ride. Choose a video, create your ride, invite your friends and foes. Race for bragging rights and Strava kudos. You’ll even get your own private leaderboard emailed to you after the event.

Train with the best.
Choose from an extensive library of FulGaz-exclusive training plans and workouts designed by professional cycling, Olympic and WorldTour level coaches or automatically sync your workouts from TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan to keep you motivated and track your progress. With FulGaz, you can even upload your own workout files to turn any video into your own custom workout.

Connect with ease.
FulGaz is compatible with a large range of smart trainers (Wahoo, Tacx, Elite, etc) and smart bikes like the WattBike and Wahoo Kickr for a fully interactive experience. Connect with a “classic” trainer by using a Bluetooth speed sensor. Separate power meter support enables you to use the power data from your power meter while still connecting to your smart trainer for ERG mode and automatic resistance changes.

Download the 14-day free trial and enjoy unlimited access to FulGaz, no credit card required. Monthly and annual subscription packages available.


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