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Frogs Life

发行商: Sunshine Valley Systems
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The rules of the pond are simple: Eat, but don't get eaten. Eat all the bugs as fast as possible to earn stars and unlock levels. Evade predators such as the turtle, snake, raven and perch. Play against other players using multiple devices or Game Center to see who will rule the pond! Include computer frogs in the game for more competition.

Control your frog with simple swipe gestures or use the accelerometer to jump and lick your way to victory.

With an in-app purchase, remove the ads and unlock all features including the toad and the poison dart frog. Use Philip's Hue Lighting to fully immerse yourself in the game. Use an Apple TV and television and the iOS device turns into a controller!

• Gesture or Accelerometer controls
• Eat all kinds of bugs. Dragonflies, butterflies, bees, fireflies, spiders and good old fashioned flies.
• Choose from three types of amphibians, the Frog, the Toad* or the Poison Dart Frog*.
• Evade pond predators like the snake, turtle, fish and birds. Also watch out for lightning!
• Careful not to lick any poisonous opponents!
• Discover various perks such as the umbrella, bubble gum, cactus hat, gas mask and poison.
• Play Campaign mode to compete against the clock to earn stars and unlock levels.
• Play Versus mode to compete against computer frogs or other players.
• Play timed games, most bugs eaten or accuracy games.
• Play against others using peer-to-peer gaming.
• Play against players around the world using Game Center.
• Play with teams to compete together.
• Use an external TV and AirPlay for a completely different gaming experience*.
• Use Hue Lighting to get completely immersed in the game. The sun will set, the lightning will strike and more!*

Available with In-App Purchase

Device Requirements:
• iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
• Optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6/6 Plus
• Requires iOS 7 or greater

Frog’s Life is incredibly fun as a single player game, competing against the clock, and becomes even more exciting when competing against other frogs. Computer frogs can be adjusted from avid bug eaters to ridiculously skilled bug assassins.

Nothing compares to the thrill of multiple players, either friends in the same room, or Game Center players, clamoring for the same swarm of insects.

One of the amazing features is the AppleTV and an external display can be used to display the game and the iOS devices become game controllers. Now the players can share the same screen!

If that doesn’t make you feel like a frog in a pond, the integration of the Hue Lighting control certainly will. The lights are used for lightning flashes, time of day and more.

The controls are simple, for accelerometer controls, shake and tilt in the direction to jump, touch the screen at the same time and control the tongue lick. For gesture controls, simply swipe in the direction to jump, touch the screen at the same time with another finger and control the tongue lick. The gesture controls are perfect for playing on the device’s screen, and the accelerometer is ideal when playing on an AppleTV.


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