Sounds of English

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Sounds of English
Sounds of English App was originally envisioned as a tool to assist some people on the autistic spectrum to become familiar with the fundamental sounds of English language.

Sounds of English App helps a learner with the following
-monothong, diphthong and consonant awareness
-phonological awareness
-categorization of sounds by their place of articulation
-mental representation of each phonological unit with a unique glyph
-awareness that a sequence of sounds make spoken words

Sounds of English App consists of the following two grouped sections
-choose one of three articulation diagrams
-select a point on the articulation diagram, click it to hear its corresponding sound and see a larger glyph for it

-choose one of three sets of a hundred words
-select whether to manually play each word or automatically one after another
-choose the length of a pause between each sound

A way to use Sounds of English App
-try to create a mental image of the articulation diagrams
-hear a sound, then hear one of its adjacent sounds
-hear a sound, then try to recreate it
-try to create a corresponding mental image of the glyph for each sound
-learn the sequence of sounds for each of the 300 most used words
-try to blend a sequence of sounds together to sound out a word they make

Since English language has many dialects, the most widely understood English dialect was chosen. The dialect of Hollywood films and sitcoms.

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