AquaFire : Aquarium Fireplace

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AquaFire: Aquariums and Fireplaces in 4K (2 in 1)
Enjoy a screensaver on your television in 4K to relax.
Main Features:
- 2 Available categories (Aquarium and Fireplace)
- More than 24 contents
- 12 Aquariums
- 12 Fireplaces
- 4K or HD video quality
- Filters to change the appearance of the scene
- Digital or analog clock (place it wherever you want)
- Possibility of repeating the video indefinitely
- Random play mode (suffle mode)
- Silent mode
- Special effects (snow, rain, streamers, ...)
- Quotes / Appointments

Finally an application that includes aquariums and fireplaces for your relaxation in a single app. Or what is the same take 2 apps for the price of 1. Isn't it really amazing?

Learn to relax with this fantastic app and enjoy the best Aquariums and Fireplaces.

We will increase the contents daily.

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