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ATG is the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board. ATG is the only company licensed by the Swedish government to provide betting on horse racing in Sweden. The license incorporates the right to cooperate with international licensed operators and to accept commingling into ATG’s pools.

ATG Vision
ATG Vision is a free app to download with on-demand service with media and replays of the main races of Swedish Horse Racing the past week. Results are displayed for each race. New content is added every day and deliver a great horse racing experience at your fingertips.

Features include
- Video replays of main races every day from events with V75, V86, V65, V64 and V4.
- The video race replays remain active for the past seven days.
- Results of each race replay.
- Winners Corner with the latest news and expert form analysts.
- Watchlist feature for you to mark your favorite object(s) and to be notified when new object(s) is available to watch.
- Search feature to support you.
- Introduction of Swedish Horse Racing including trainer and driver profiles.
- Coverage shows of Swedish Horse Racing.
- Live broadcast (with 15 minutes delay).

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