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Bridge Exercise

发行商: Xia Lina
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Bridge Exercise

It‘s for you to practice bridge, and provide you a lot of classic hands to better understand bridge basic play, it includes:
A good bridge declarer relies on a variety of skills, strategies and techniques, it helps you practice more.

It's NOT a on-line game, does NOT need internet.

It's simply a bridge table that you can learn bridge technique, train yourselves, enjoy bridge master's skills at anytime and anywhere, and a perfect product for you to improve your playing skills.

(1) Bridge Exercise

It offers tons of declarer play exercises for players of all skill levels to practice playing skills.
Level evaluation:
1 star: Winning ratio less than 50%
2 star: Winning ratio more than 50% and leas than 60%
3 star: Winning ratio more than 60% and leas than 70%
4 star: Winning ratio more than 70% and leas than 80%
5 star: Winning ratio more than 80%

(2) Bridge Basic Play

It SHOWs you a lot of classic hands played by the famous bridge masters with comments to illustrate the various techniques for you to improve your playing skills.
The classic hands include safety play, removing play, block and unblock, killing defense, extra chance, etc, which covers all declarer and defense basic playing skills.

If you go through all hands with a moment thinking, it would be a noticeable improvement in your playing skill.

Tips for you:
Don't play to the first trick too quickly. Force yourself to stop and think.
Concentrate on the opening lead for a few seconds so you'll remember it later. Decide what it tells you about the leader's length or strength in that suit.
Review the bidding. If one of your opponents has bid, try to come up with a general picture of his point-count and his length in the suit bid.
Always Count your losers and winners.

Hope you become a very good player and have many bridge fun days.

(3) Bridge Best Hand of The Year

a) The Best Played Hand of the Year (1974-2019)
b) The Best Defence of the Year(1985-2019)
c) The Best Play by a Junior(1996-2019)
d) The BOLS Brilliancy Prize(1977-1987)
e) The Best Play of the Year by a Woman(1985-1986)

(4) Easy Bridge

When and where you want to play Bridge, take it Easy.
Just for fun.


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