Cassette for 8tracks Radio

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The 8tracks service is currently available only in US, Canada, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

Cassette is the perfect music player for 8tracks where you can listen to your favorite mixtapes on your Apple TV.

Want a music player to help you listen to a playlist for a study, workout, yoga, or dating session? Looking for free music to stream like radio? Cassette is the top music app to discover independent hip hop, EDM, indie rock, dubstep and more. Choose from nearly 2 million free playlists, each lovingly handcrafted by a real-life human being who listens to music as much as you. Enjoy millions of free songs curated by people around the world.

Join 8tracks’ global community of 8 million monthly listeners and DJs. Stream today.

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