Fault Finding & Multimeters

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We recently re-filmed and updated our hugely successful Fault Finding DVD and now you can get the latest version in high definition on your Apple TV.

You can get access to all 21 chapters, totalling 77 minutes, showing you all about multimeters, how to carry out the electrical safety tests in full, how to test stats, fans, sensors and pumps, about diverters valves, expansion vessels, the sequence of operation and more.

Suitable for new entrants, those moving from installing to repairs and existing breakdown engineers. Learn at your own pace.

The chapters:
1. Testing Equipment
2. Multimeter Settings
3. Electrical Safety Tests
4. Earth Continuity Test
5. Short Circuit Test
6. Resistance to Earth Test
7. Polarity Test
8. Fault Isolation Procedure
9. Sequence of Operation
10. Pumps
11. Testing Switches
12. Water Pressure Switches
13. Flow Switches
14. Air Pressure Switches
15. Fans
16. Stats & Sensors
17. Diverter Valves
18. Domestic Heat Exchangers
19. Expansion Vessels
20. Water Hammer
21. Airing Cupboards

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