Fireplace Interactive HD

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If you are looking for the best interactive fireplace for your Apple TV you have just found it. Get ready to start your own fire. Introductory price for a limited time only. Enjoy the following features:

- Beautiful and high quality shots from classical fireplaces in full HD quality.

- Awesome seamless fireplace experience. Endless loops.

- Small file size. No streaming required. All fireplace data is included in the initial download of the App.

- Choose between different fireplace scenes by swiping down on your Apple TV remote to show the menu.

- Interactivity mode: Swipe up on your Apple TV remote and setup the fire yourself. Features include preparing the fireplace, putting more wood on the fire, cleaning the fireplace -> of course everything just takes a simple swipe up.

- Automatic mode: Watch as your Apple TV prepares and starts the fire for you.

- In interactivity mode and in automatic mode the fire will burn at least 90 minutes and will cycle through various stages of the fire scene (60 minutes main fire scene / 30 minutes progressed fire scene)

- Listen to your favorite music while enjoying the fireplace.

- Full version with all features. No hidden costs.

This is the best fireplace you can get. Enjoy romantic fire place evenings alone or with your partner.

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