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Foundation Training

发行商: Foundation Training, LLC
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Discover the secret that thousands of people are using to get out of pain, increase strength, and reclaim their health in as little at 10 minutes a day! 
Foundation Training is the simple solution that gives you the means to change the way you move and correct the imbalances caused by our modern habits. The postures, poses, and movements of Foundation Training teach you to activate your posterior muscle chain, anchor the hips, decompress the spine, and expand your breathing capacity. This takes the burden of supporting the body out of your joints and puts it where it belongs - in your muscles. 
Foundation Training is a catalyst to wellness for every age and fitness level. By changing how you move in your everyday life, you change how you feel in everything you do.  When your body moves well, it feels well.
· Train in as little as 10 minutes a day
· Practice Foundation Training anywhere, anytime, without any complicated equipment
· Gain access to the entire Foundation Training content library
· Workouts designed for your lifestyle including running, golf, strength, surfing, and more
· Learn at your own pace from our easy-to-follow video instruction
· Be the first to access new content being released regularly
"Like so many people who have found relief with Foundation Training, I am grateful for the healing." – Chris Hemsworth, Actor
“Foundation exercises have been a great addition to my exercise routine. My back doesn't just feel better, it feels strong.” - Jeff Bridges, Actor
"Foundation Training is the answer to my many years of research on the negative effects of sitting. It is a ticket to discover a more vibrant health life – no matter your age.” - Dr. Joan Vernikos, Former NASA Director of Life Sciences & Author of Sitting Kills, Moving Heals


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