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H&B TV Now

发行商: MobiTV
价格: 免费


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It’s What You Want To Watch When You Want To Watch, Where You Want To Watch.
H&B TV Now is a streaming TV service available exclusively to H&B Internet subscribers. No more cable or DVR set-top boxes required! Enjoy all your favorite local channels, news, sports, movies, music, weather and more instantly. Just use your favorite streaming devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TVs. Move a TV to your patio and watch the baseball game outside. Host a Sunday Funday football party and let all of your friends watch their game on a different TV. With 2 streams and 50 hours of DVR included, the options are endless; it’s up to you!

Amazing features include:
• Replay TV - Never miss your favorite show again! With Replay TV, H&B stores up to 7 of the last days in the cloud so you can access your shows instantly!
• Startover TV – 15 minutes late to watching your favorite show? Not anymore, H&B TV Now allows you to restart the live feed from the beginning.
• Free Cloud DVR – Store up to 50 hours of DVR recordings for FREE!
• Free HD – H&B TV Now delivers nearly 100 channels in HD for absolutely FREE!
• Plus, you can add all of your favorite movie channels too.
Finally, TV your way with H&B TV Now.


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