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If you have questions like ‘How fast is my internet?’ or ‘What is my internet speed?‘ , ‘why am I not able to view content clearly’, ‘which video resolution can I play clearly?’ Internet Speed Test - FiberTest application is your easy answer.
You can test your internet connectivity with this Internet Speed Test – FiberTest application. This application is designed specifically to test your internet connection very accurately in terms of download and upload speed. It will check your internet connection speed quickly and easily. Our unique algorithm can also capture ultra-high-speed internet connectivity. With this, you can get the most accurate internet speed test anywhere in the world.
The application also captures your coverage as well as latency (ping) and jitter to show how good your connection is for real-time applications.
· Download test - how fast you can get data from the internet
· Upload test - how fast you can send data to the internet
· Measure the speed up to 3 GBPS
· Video Streaming Quality – quality / resolution of the viewed video
· Ping test - network delays test between device and internet
· Jitter test - a variation of the network delays
· One-click testing for checking upload and download speed

Use this application as an easy one tap solution to check your internet performance

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