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iSTB allows you to watch IPTV from MAC address based providers which use Stalker Middleware.

**Please use the iSTB Lite iOS app to check if your provider is supported**
**Some providers are not supported**

- Add/remove unlimited portals
- Search genres by name
- Search channels by name
- Add channels to a favorites list
- View VOD content (dependent on your provider)
- Catch up on past programs (dependent on your provider)
- Dark theme
- And more!

Please note:
- This app works with MAC address based IPTV providers only. M3U playlist links will not work. Download the iSTB Lite iOS app to check if your provider is supported.
- You will need a valid subscription with an IPTV provider to watch content. This app does not offer any video or audio content itself.
- All content is provided by your IPTV provider. If you have any questions or problems regarding the content or your subscription, please contact your IPTV provider directly.
- You will need an active internet connection to watch content. Data charges may apply. Please check with your internet provider directly.

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