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Jungle Town: animal games full

发行商: Dmitry Makeyev
价格: 2.99 USD


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Arrange the best holiday party-quest in the birthday quest game!

Jungle town is a great place in the middle of jungles, where six little friends live in unusual cute houses. One of them - clever elephant - has got a birthday today, and he is looking forward to meeting his cute friends and preparing a beautiful holiday party for them. Play the game with animals!

And what about the guests-animals? They are not just carelessly awaiting dances and treats...

First, they have to solve a difficult task in the game: what to present to the elephant as a gift? After all, there are no stores in Jungle town at all, but friends really wants to make a surprise.

Friends invite you to go through an exciting quest where you can: 

- decorate the room and a birthday cake with an elephant,
- find a gift with a tiger,

- grow up beautiful flowers with a monkey,

- sew a bright shirt with a porcupine,

- make an unusual bicycle with a raccoon,

- cook something tasty with a parrot.

And of course, play the game at the holiday party to find out what surprises the elephant calf prepared for its friends!

Birthday holiday-quest is an educational game for children over 3 years old. Here your child will get many interesting tasks for the development of logic, attentiveness, fine motor skills. We took the usual life situations as a basis, added some fantasy, humor and got a good game-quest, which allows:
- slowing down in the modern rhythm of life,
- thinking about the assignments,
- enjoying the cartoon part of the game,
- gaining useful skills,
- getting in charge of a good mood.

Welcome to Jungle town! Play the game!


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