Memory Cleaner

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TV memory includes RAM (running memory) and ROM (storage memory). The RAM affects the running fluency of the APP, and the ROM determines how many files the TV can store.

Insufficient RAM(running memory) cause the TV to run slower. You can use “Memory Cleaner" to free up the memory.

What will be displayed on the app interface?

- Physical memory
RAM (running memory) size.

- Active memory
This is the current amount of memory besides wired RAM that is being used by system and user processes.

- Wired memory
This is the amount that must be kept active for the system to run. This RAM cannot be written to virtual memory on the hard disk.

- Inactive memory
This is the amount that has recently been used but is no longer required. It may have been used by a recently quit process, or by an active one that no longer needs it, and is not required for use.

- Free memory
This is the amount that has not been recently used by an application or system process.

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