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Do you FANcy falling asleep to the sound of a fan? Well that’s FAN-tastic! The sound of a fan is calming and blocks out other sounds in the room to help you fall asleep. If you want to hear the sound of a fan without feeling the air blowing, or if you want to hear the sound of a fan to block out other distractions, this app is for you!

NiteFanTV will allow you to choose between the sounds of 4 different fans and 6 different added effects to help you concentrate or fall asleep. Play just one type of fan or mix them together to create your own custom fan sound.

Fan sounds include a box fan, an oscillating fan, an even-toned fan, and a fan that sounds like it's blowing the sheets. There are 6 different effects that you can add to your fan sound. Add the "synth" effect for an electrical wobble or the "click" effect for a rhythmic click. For an even more mellow feel, add some crickets, didgeridoo, water or rain. All of these sounds can be mixed and matched until you find the perfect sound to lull you to sleep or to get rid of other distractions.

If you're trying to fall asleep or the animations are distracting, just close the window shade.

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