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NSScreencast on your TV!

NSScreencast provides weekly screencasts on iOS & Mac Development. Now you can watch from the comfort of your couch.

For existing NSScreencast subscribers, you have access to all current & past videos.

If you don't have an NSScreencast account, there are some free videos in the app. No account required.

Topics include:

- Learning Swift
- Building iOS applications from scratch
- Xcode
- Making network connections with NSURLSession
- Architecture around NSOperation
- Much more!

HD Quality:

The application automatically chooses the best quality & resolution for your internet connection to ensure smooth streaming. Newer videos stream at up to 1080p (older videos at 720p).

NSScreencast looks great on the big screen!

Track unwatched videos to make it easy to find something to watch you haven't seen yet!

Favorite videos you want to refer to later.

Over 194 episodes are available today, and new ones are released regularly!

Join the thousands of iOS developers who use NSScreencast to become better developers.

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