Seasons On The Fly

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Every angler has a favorite time to chase fish with a fly. Wether it be during the blossoming spring, the green of summer, colors of autumn or during the cleansing white of winter. It merely offers a backdrop, a pursuit that has attached itself to the soul of a fly fisherman. Rod, reel, fly and fish. Under that log, behind that rock or deep in the dark blue could live a fish of a lifetime. Its in that helpless hope that an angler will march from year to year in a lifetime hoping the next cast connects dreams and a fish of legend. Welcome to Seasons On The Fly.

Greg has been producing award winning outdoors television for over 20 years. The accolades are highlighted by 15 regional Emmy awards won for a fly-fishing series and his coverage of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. He began tying flies at 8 years old and has parlayed that early experience into a life-long passion that has taken him around the world in pursuit of fish that will eat a fly. He has been a fly-fishing guide in Montana, Idaho and Alaska. His fishing combined with over 20 years of on-air experience in television, including work for ESPN, FSN and many local television stations, makes him the perfect host and producer for this type of program. Many of the fishing shows today are produced by fishermen who don’t know television or by television producers who don’t know fly-fishing. With his award winning experience in television, his work as a fly-fishing guide and his 30 years spent on rivers around the world Greg Heister is the right man to create such a show.

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