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Play, laugh & grow with the Fisher-Price® See ‘n Say for Apple TV!

Take your TV for a spin! See ‘n Say turns your TV into classic See ‘n Say gameplay.

The Apple TV See ‘n Say is the perfect marriage of the iconic spinner and the unique sounds of vehicles, and fun, short video clips. There are two pages of vehicles to choose from – 12 in all. Each vehicle delivers 4 video clips…a total of 48. The result is free-wheeling, fun learning.

• Airplane
• Helicopter
• Racecar
• Submarine
• Space Shuttle
• Tractor
• Firetruck
• Ambulance
• Submarine
• Garbage Truck
• Train
• Excavator

Designed for children 2-5 years old

- 48 vehicle videos (from 12 vehicles) – each with their own fun facts
- helps your preschooler identify and learn vehicle names, sounds and jobs

About Us:
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