Tool presents Christmastown

发行商: Tool of North America
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Tool of North America presents Christmastown, a new interactive experiment for the Apple TV.

Detective Yukon Cornelius meets Officer Rudolph in the Forest at the site of the most grisly crime scene the North Pole has ever seen. The head elf, Santa’s #2 and the Workshop foreman, has just been found brutally murdered. Most chillingly, all of his teeth hava been removed, pre-mortem it seems, although anyone would know who this elf was by his outfit. Rudolph informs Yukon that the only clues were some fibers - red and white - and some cookie crumbs. Narrows it down to two, but only one could’ve had motive. Everyone had seen their huge fight the day before. Santa was already in custody. Something is fishy, and Yukon needs to clear Santa’s name.

Play through this dark and gritty experiment for the new Apple TV as Detective Yukon Cornelius around the North Pole and the surrounding town of Christmastown, interviewing suspects and uncovering clues to find out what really happened.

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