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Traffic Camera Washington Lite

发行商: Jufen Chang
价格: 免费


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The Next Generation of Traffic cameras and Radar app is here (This app is part of the Universal Purchase. With one purchase, you will be able to see the Traffic cameras and Radar on your iOS and Apple TV devices.).

Built upon our expertise based upon our existing apps. This app provides the instant way to access the traffic cameras. The traffic cameras are carefully arranged into major highways, routes, airports and ferries. By selecting a location from the table with a list of cameras based upon the selected region. It is effortless to find out the latest traffic information in a touch of fingers.

The lite version has the limited functions:
- Limited number of cameras: the lite version will only display 20 cameras for each selected area so it is very limited. For example, if you select I-5, you will only see 20 cameras on the table and on the map. The pro version will display all the cameras.
- There is no full screen support.
- There is no 180 degree view for the selected location.

Additional traffic alerts and nice features are planned and will be made available in the coming releases.


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