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发行商: Panasonic Corporation of North America
价格: 免费


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VI TV+ is a companion application for the Video Insight VMS. The app is designed towards public viewing in mind, and thus provides a user with the ability to easily display any camera loaded on their VI server on a wide variety of monitor options.

Users can stream live video one camera at a time, or in multi-camera views. In addition, it provides camera tours that cycle through a list of cameras, one at a time, displaying live video for a pre-determined amount of time.

Recorded video can be accessed by simply rewinding video from a live stream or by selecting a video file, or a motion event. Instant replay provides access to the last 30 seconds, last minute, or last 5 minutes of available video for the selected camera.

The VI TV+ app can also be used to display and manage security camera video across multiple Apple TVs running VI TV+. As long as these Apple TVs are set up with the same iCloud account, they will share the same list of servers, cameras, server defined views, user defined views, and user defined tours.

To protect the server settings and all its related data across all your Apple TVs, VI TV+ provides password protection. This way you can safely manage what servers are viewed on your Apple TVs from a single Apple TV without the worry of having someone else tamper with your server list.

VI TV+ provides quick and easy access to your cameras, views, and tours through a search function. In addition, you may select cameras, views, and tours, as favorites for easy access.

Select any camera, view, or tour as a default start-up content. This allows VI TV+ to display your selected content automatically every time the app starts.

• Full Resolution and frame rate live monitoring
• H.264 and H.265 decoding
• Access to Instant Replay for the last 30 seconds, last minute, and last 5 minutes.
• Motion Event Playback capabilities
• Support for public and private IP addresses
• Create and view customizable tours for camera cycling
• Search for cameras, views, and tours by name
• Mark cameras, views, and tours as favorites
• Create and view customizable tours for camera cycling
• View multiple cameras in Server and user defined layouts.
• Administrator password protection access for restricted users
• View Camera Statistics such as frame rate, frame size and bandwidth.


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