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Download a new app to help you keep training wherever you want: in your gym, at home, outdoor or wherever you choose to.
WIPApp, a product from WellnessInProgress, will provide you with an opportunity to break free from gym necessities, tight schedules, training classes and memberships. Keep training everywhere!
Increase your freedom while reducing costs!

If you are a trainer managing many customers and training classes in a gym, if you are a head trainer or a personal trainer, this app will help you to:
Plan your customers’ workouts thanks to custom-made programs
Recommend the most suitable training plans starting from your customer’s own needs
Display workouts, exercise timesheets and breaks.

WellnessInProgress has a track record in workout and training; its expertise is now available for you thanks to an app that can combine experience with efficiency in a smart and user-friendly way.
You can use iPhone, iPad or AppleTV to log in to your personal account and select the workout you prefer.

If you are a PT you can create an individual account for every customer you are training. In this way you will be able to follow them step by step by proposing the best trainings according to their personal plan. The app will display the workout and scan every single exercise’s timings and breaks.

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