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Baby Care | Baby and Mom

发行商: Flash Toons Games
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The laughter application for children is a gift from FlashToons for all mothers who suffer from crying children to turn it into children's laughter. Where we have provided a set of games in this application that help to entertain the young child and spend fun times while the mother does her work and teaches children the pronunciation of Papa and Mama.
There is a game that gives the sound of a blowdryer or the sound of a broom as a kind of sound to put the baby to sleep. Many mothers have tried the method of playing the sound of the hair dryer to put the baby to sleep. There are also games that make the child laugh and have fun while the mother works in the kitchen.
The app currently contains the following games:
👉 Smileys game, which displays children's laughter in nine laughter icons with various sound effects and different movements of smiley faces. This toy helps the little one to be distracted by the movement and the sound that he sees and hears.
👉 A funny game of children's cartoon characters that performs a group of humorous movements with sound effects. This game attracts the child's attention and makes him imitate the beautiful movements of children's laughter (Children Laughing).
👉 A wonderful baby picture game that displays a group of beautiful baby pictures with a cute baby sound. This game is useful in calming the nervous child and calming his nerves and stopping him from crying.
👉 The water game that children love, where in this game there is a shower water show with a small child bathing and a beautiful water fountain show with sound effects.
👉 Children's game fruits, a great way to teach children to pronounce Papa and Mama. In this game, there are two shows: the first is for the apple girl, and she pronounces the words of Mama and Papa, which is useful for teaching your child to speak and call upon his parents, and the second is for the raspberry girl, and this game makes beautiful movements with wonderful flowers and roses and the sound of Mama's chant.
👉 Balloon game, where this game blows the red balloon until it explodes and a child with his beautiful cartoon dog comes out laughing funny children's laughter (children's laughter crazy).
👉 Blowdry sound, and in this game, the mother plays one of the four sounds of the hair dryer, which is very similar to the sound of a broom as well. This method is very wonderful to help children sleep or used as a way to stop crying in young children. You can also watch the running time to see how long the child took to sleep and you can also change the color of the mobile screen lighting.

The application is also linked to the education and entertainment services provided by Flash Toons YouTube channel through the following link:


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