Wonder Dragons: Color Matching Adventure Puzzle

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Match the cubes of the same color, blast them and combine boosters for huge explosions to defeat Tiny Little Dragon enemies and solve our awesome puzzles!

Collect cute little dragon heroes along the way! Feed Hungry little dragons & Grow them, watch them evovle and decorate their homes with toy & furnitures.

There are countless possibilities in the dragons adventure, and your talent in solving puzzles will be key in mastering Wonder Dragons, the Color Blast Matching puzzle Game.

Experience the greatest adventures and discover the magical world of Cute little Dragon's Dragon Land! Prepare to be a hero of Dragon Land!

For all fans of tap and match 3 puzzle games, we created the color blast puzzle adventure! Enjoy with our monster enemies and tiny little Wonder Dragon heroes, collapse the cubes and collect stars. Spin the wheel - Get your daily spin and win valuable rewards! Try out the funniest and most challenging matching puzzle game!

Features of Wonder Dragons: Color Blast Matching Game:
✔️ Spin the wheel - Daily spin with valuable prizes. You can win a booster, coins or other rewards. Spin the wheel - Get your gift!
✔️ My home - Every dragon has its tiny little home. Unlock all home features for every character to make it comfortable for them!
✔️ Dragon shop - Buy coins, diamonds or combos with booster powers
✔️ Level up heroes to increase their power so they can kill monster enemies easily
✔️ Star bonus - Collect 20 stars to complete the chest and open the treasure where you can get various rewards and booster powers
✔️ Fruit Home quest - Go on a quest for home: Mushroom, Strawberry, Pumpkin, Apple and Blue Boot ( Fruit like homes )
✔️ Unique gameplay - It is not just one more of color blast or match 3 games! Monster enemies and dragon heroes gives it a stunning gameplay. Try it and enjoy various challenges, interesting tiny little heroes and endless fun!

Available booster powers:
Hammer - Break a single cube with this powerful hammer
1 ton - Break all cubes in a column with this heavy weight
Paint - Blast all cubes in a row with this colorful paint booster
Shuffle - Shuffle all color cubes in the board

Meet our heroes:
🐲 Magnus - Smart leader. Loves listening to music, reading and playing chess. He is obsessed with jazz music and afraid of clowns! Hungry Magnus loves Green Fruit.
🐲 Leila - Gentle and cute little dragon girl. She enjoys meditation, learning new languages and playing golf. She really doesn`t like worms! Feed hungry Laila purple fruit.
🐲 Joost - Goofy monster dragon boy who is always happy! Enjoys in tree shaping and camping. He takes every free moment to relax and play games! Obsessed with ducks and afraid of bananas! But he loves red fruits when hungry specially strawberry
🐲 Mondragon - The strongest and the bravest! His obsession is to fight, but he is afraid of cats! In free time, he still loves to fight, but also to run and swim. He loves blue fruit and candy when hungry.
🐲 Gorka - So kind, loves to give and help others! Enjoys playing puzzle adventure games. As a foodie, loves to cook and to eat when hungry! Obsessed with butterflies and afraid of monster ducks.
🐲 And many more to come!

Few tips on how to play this color match puzzle adventure:
💡 2 cubes color match - Tap to blast them.
💡 5 cubes color match - Tap them to create a ROCKET which can collapse a row or a column.
💡 7 cubes color match - Tap them to create a BOMB and collapse a large area of cubes near the bomb.
💡 9 cubes color match - Tap them to create a DISCO BALL which can collect all cubes of that color and blast them.

Do you love match 3 games and tap games? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place!

➡️➡️➡️ Download Wonder Dragons: Color Blast Matching Game and enjoy the endless fun!



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