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Come and play this adorable animal game where you will have a great opportunity to look after a little panda. You will have so much fun with your own virtual pet and also you will learn what it takes to properly take care of your animal. It seems like your new pet is having trouble regarding her medical condition. Develop some nursing skills and make sure you will make her pain go away. Follow the instructions and perform the treatments for each part of her body that aches. Now that she is feeling well again you will throw her a bubble bath to clean the dirt that gathered in her fur. Use the suitable products for her body and for her head and face, then move further to the teeth brushing. Clean his mouth and take her in the kitchen where you will prepare some delicious food. Serve her favorite dish and keep fulfilling her needs. If you think she looks sleepy you might want to let her nap. Once the panda is rested you can get into the gym where you will work out and burn some calories. Perform some exercises and help her regain her energy and strength. Move along to the dressing part where you will pick some cute themed outfits. Find the best look for your virtual pet and accessorize it with cool details. If you choose the military outfit you will have a nice pair of boots to match her overalls and a fashion pair of sun glasses. You can have the police look as well, but here you will have a specific uniform with an imprinted hat and everything. Pick the one you like the most for your panda and try to become a great caretaker by playing the game multiple times.

You can find these features of the game in the section below:
- Learn the basic needs for a panda
- Provide fashion advice and create cool outfits with pretty accessories
- Be responsible and put your pet to sleep
- Cook and feed him properly
- Multiple activities to look into: exercise; give the panda a bath; nurse the panda
- Medical treatments to apply
- Easy control of the game
- Lovely character to play with

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