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** All India Radio Features **

*Listen to All India Radio Stations Live

*Listen to Vividh Bharati Live

*Listen to BBC Radio

*Listen to BBC Podcast

*Listen to Sports Radio

*Listen to All Language Internet Radio (Hindi, English Tamil, Telugu, Kannada , Punjabi, Malayalam, Odia , Marathi, Gujarati,Bangla,Urdu, Arabic & Nepali )

*Listen to Bhakti & Prayer Radio

* Listen to AIR News

*Listen to Artist Radio

* Listen to Cricket Commentary during Match Day

*Listen Hindi Story , Inspirational Quotes & Many More

*watch Live Cricket Score

* Listen to Categorized Hindi Music Radio Stations

*Listen to AIR News / AIR Radio / FM Radio Stations

*Listen to National & Regional News

*Listen to Current Affairs Daily

*Listen to Radio in background while using other apps

*Use the search tool to easily find what you are looking for

*Listen to many more online radio stations , audio news & Indian FM radio

*Quick play / pause / stop options on notification / status bar to help you manage song listening better

*Radio India provide crystal clear & HD sound without any bug and headphone.

*All India Radio ( Radio India) is a free Radio Applications with in excess of 2000+ Indian Radio Stations . With an advance, delightful and simple to interface , Radio India gives you the best experience with regards to tuning in to online radio.

*Radio India ( All India Radio ) is the best applications accessible on play store contains many Indian Radio Stations.

*All India Radio is the largest Radio Network in the World , and one of the largest broadcasting organizations in the World in terms of the number of languages broadcast and the spectrum of social -economic and cultural diversity it serves . AIR' s home service comprises 420 Stations Located across the Country ,reaching nearly 92% of the Country's area and 99.19% of the total population. AIR originates programming in 23 Languages and 179 dialects .

**All India Radio / India Radio requires a good internet connection to use more conveniently. Make sure you have a good internet connection .**



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