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Kenya Online Shopping

发行商: Davcom Softwares
价格: 免费


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With Kenya online shopping app there is No need to install all the shopping apps on your mobile. More Shopping apps eat RAM that results in a slow speed/hanging phone. Also, all online shopping apps consume battery that's reduce the efficiency and life of the battery. Through thus all, in one Shopping App, you can access all Shopping sites in one place.

Main attractions:
Here are the key features:
📱 Kenya online shopping app Saves on phone memory size - installing these apps individually will take more than 500MB, this app takes less than 4 MB and gives you instant access to all of the 10+ stores
💰 Kenya online shopping app Saves money, compare your requirement across multiple stores in one tap. Our users save Rs. 15000 on an average per year!
💲 Kenya online shopping app lets you Know about running offers and get coupons to apply while placing your order on these stores
🔍 No need register, just install and start shopping
⚡ Kenya online shopping app provides the Fastest way to compare and shop from 10+ stores
🛍 No Often updates
🔖 BLACK FRIDAY DEALS from your favorite online shopping store.
Kenya online shopping app List all online Top sites in one place.
No Often updates
Kenya online shopping app provides Faster & Smooth Shopping Experience
No, special permission required.

Kenya online shopping app does not collect any personal data, # simply no additional permissions required. So don't worry about your data, It's 100% safe.

Online Shops
1 Jumia
2 Copia
3 Comrades Online (campus student shopping)
4 Killimall
5 Kasha
6 Jiji
7 E-mart
8 Alladin
9.More coming soon!

Simply, our app assists in all in one shopping to
1. Buy from top marketplace shopping sites
2. Do online recharge on mobile recharge sites
3. Order food online from top grocery shopping websites
4. Book your travel & stay on top traveling sites
5. Order furniture on home decor websites
6. Buy clothes & kids products at top baby shops & sites
7. Book home services websites
8. Buy/Sell on top classified sites.

Disclaimer: This App is a tool to use added shopping sites in one place. Our SHOPPING APPS is for fair usage of brand names. We respect the terms &conditions of respective sites and have taken care of all necessary guidelines while using names and logos. We tried our best not to use any copyrighted material in our app, still, if you (site owner) found anything that violates your terms and conditions please write us we will resolve your issue

We don't claim any copyright on graphics that any site using. This app is just an easy tool to access a few pages. We don't claim to have any direct relationship with the brand on the entity name we mentioned.

Note: _ All contents of the website are owned by the respective website. We have no copyright over the content/logo of other websites. For any details please mail us. These third-party sites have separate and independent privacy policies and terms. Please read their privacy policy and terms and conditions carefully.
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16 条评价

I didnt like at all am trying to open it but it always says 'unfortunately stopped'


Doesn't have Naivas


Good better best


Unfortunately has stopped cant open in my phone


Its not responding


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