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OPV - OnePlus Native Call Recording

发行商: Ido Company
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Native call recording for OnePlus devices only, this method is from an internal implementation of the OxygenOS.
This means, all android versions are supported including Android 10 and above.
* No root required

In order to activate it make sure you near computer, we will temporarily ask you to enable developer mode and using our website to allow the application to enable this native feature. This all process only happens once.

Since Android 9+ doesn't support call recording, various manufactures implemented their own. With OxygenOS the official OS for OnePlus devices we have a native call, many don't know about it or how to use it.
Another issue is that, even after you will understand the very technical details the feature will be deactivated every time the phone restarts. And with all that, the provided recordings application is lack of crucial features.

And, we are solving those problem :)
First we will go into a very minimal process of enabling this native feature, and no matter how many restarts your phone will do this feature will stay enabled.

As for the audio quality, is by far best than any device/application we heard a recording of. Simply because it's a built in native solution.

And, features!
We have many features already included and even more to come:
- Extensive search (date ranges, durations, by contact etc)
- Backups (Any major cloud will be supported)
- Password/fingerprint protection
- Auto delete files
- And more
* Note that those features are not yet implemented.

Although we consider it a premium solution, if you are no happy with the results - no matter the reasons. We offer 30 days refunds policy.
This is a one time payment for all the future updates.
But you can easily just try out with the trial to see the results.


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21 条评价

Even though this capability is achieveable by using some technical knowledge, this app allows you to get it without any special skills required, and it keeps the feature working even after a reboot. Nicely done!


Not bad


Support team seems to be rude, keeping 1 star


Paid apps


Edit: I'm keeping the one star. An option that can be enabled via a free tool should not be restricted by a pay wall. I digress and suggest you also change your tone of communicating with end users.


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