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Bass Booster Pro and Equalizer Make your music and video sounds like never before. Bass boosted loud volume You can adjust the surround sound effect, making you feel like listening to music in the open space, bringing a better sound experience than usual. Bass Booster Pro Rich sound effects system, installed by default on different devices. We have selected and installed the best audio frequencies for you in the sound effects set when the application is installed. Bass Boosted Loud Volume In addition to the pre-installed sound effects, users can create their own sound effects that suit their needs.

Bass Booster Pro then just save it and from the next session they can use it immediately. The notification bar of the application helps users to quickly see the status of sound effect parameters. Bass Booster App You can also quickly adjust sound effects from bass booster notification bar without accessing the Bass Booster New Application.

Whether you're listening to music, playing games, watching movies or watching videos, Max Sound Booster for Android will increase all the sound volume. DJ Mixer Full Bass Booster Not only work for your phone or tablet, but also works for your headphone and external speaker! Fantastic DJ Bass Booster Equalizer is ready now! A cool sound booster maximizes your device's sound volume. The DJ Bass Booster High application pushes the volume higher than the system's default values, which increases the sound of each application.

Adjust 10 Band Equalizer According to You.
Work for All Music Player of Your Mobile.
Use Default 12 Equalizer Presets for Apply Sound Effects.
Use Quick Boost Button for boost best phone volume.
Use Bass effect For Improve Sound Quality.
Set Media Volume Booster.
Inbuilt Music Player with Equalizer & Bass Booster.
Also use in your phone default Music Player's.
Very Light App, which use low space of your phone.

The Bass Booster App for Android and volume booster allow you to adjust the sound quality and get the best music or audio sound effect from your device. The DJ Bass Booster Equalizer and bass booster consist of volume gain sliders, bass boosters, virtual 3D surround sound, and five band equalizers. The Bass Booster App Better View is compatible with most Android music players, audio player & video players. That means you can still enjoy good music with your favorite MP3 Music player and audio player to play your top songs from your song library. Equalizer Bass Booster App just takes a few simple steps to enjoy surround sound just like in surround theater from your phone. This App Equalizer Bass Booster has various features including five-band EQ to equalize your music, amp, bass boost, 3D virtualizes, slider volume & audio control.

Any other application which uses an Equalizer at the same time, can affects or block Subwoofer Bass. We suggest you to STOP all other sound effect apps before using Subwoofer Bass.

Don't listen too much time continuously, Equalizer Bass Booster App can damage your phone speaker or hearing ears.

Thank You for Using this App….!!

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