SoulSeekersUK Ghost Box

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An easy to use ghost box with enough features to make it a valuable tool to have on any location that uses sound bank design with no words just human sounds and tones and all in reverse. You can control the sweep speed with the increase and decrease buttons to set the speed to your liking and this can be also done while the Ghost Box is actually scanning.
I also included a proximity alarm this can be activated using the proximity sensor button bottom right ( please note your device needs to have a proximity sensor for this feature to work) if your device does not have a proximity sensor that this feature will not be available but will not affect the ghost box in anyway. Once set anything that moves in front of the device will trigger an alarm.
There is also a simple record feature in the settings page this can be used to do quick EVP bursts or to take voice notes about the location you're in ect and all audio is stored on your devices internal memory as stated in the settings screen.
You can also activate your devices camera by simply long pressing the power button and all pictures are stored in your devices camera roll

I hope you have as much success using the app as we did but please remember your results may vary you need to be in a location that has an active spirit and that spirit has want to communicate. Any investigate will tell you that the trick is to be patient as many people think that just by turning a device or an app on will get an instant results which is not always the case. Used properly these apps can give amazing results and can be a valuable tool in any investigators kit.

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