Alamanda K-9 College

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Bridge the gap between home and school with the Alamanda K-9 College app, developed by Digistorm. Receive instant information about Alamanda K-9 College, push notifications for urgent updates, school newsletters and more.

Key features of the Alamanda K-9 College app:

Notices: the Notices module provides Alamanda K-9 College with the ability to keep their community informed with important information, with push notifications for urgent school notices

Calendar: the Calendar module displays all events occurring in the current week or those that are up-and-coming. Events can easily be subscribed to, shared and saved for later

Newsletter: the Newsletter module allows Alamanda K-9 College to share electronic newsletters, directly to the app

Other features such as a quick and easy Contact Directory help you to reach Alamanda K-9 College with the tap of a button

Settings allows you to manage the frequency and type of notifications that you receive from Alamanda.
Developed by Digistorm - Software for Smarter Schools.

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