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Service NSW

发行商: Service NSW
价格: 免费


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The official Service NSW app, making it easier to access government services.

Digital licences and credentials
Access the following digital licences and credentials, with more to come:
• Driver Licence
• RSA/RCG Competency Card
• Working with Children Check
• Recreational Fishing Licence
• Boat Driver Licence.

COVID Safe Check-in
• Quick, contactless check in at COVID Safe venues
• Point your device camera at the COVID Safe QR Code to get started
• Save your details for a faster check in next time.

Useful tools and services
• Verify a Digital Driver Licence via our licence checker
• Check or renew a registration
• Sign into licensed venues.

Fines and demerits
• View and pay your fines
• View your demerits.

COVID-19 resources
• Access COVID-19 statistics by postcode
• Access our COVID-19 Assistance Finder with benefits, rebates and concessions.

Tell us what you think
• Help us help you! We’re always working on a better, stronger, faster app.
• Share what you’d like to see in the app: we use your feedback to continuously improve the app experience.


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3471 条评价

I thought Service NSW was offering a QR reader download. I can find lots of support for businesses, but do you offer a QR reader for citizens like me?? If so, how do I find it?


I have downloaded three times and got message each time "app will be installed shortly". Never is. So does this mean that, despite my BEST EFFORTS, I am going to be excluded because the app wont download? I tried direct thru google play and also took trouble to register for ServiceNsw and access via that site. Same outcome. Come on guys. It's OUR money you are spending. Make the developers deliver please. My phone is Android 9 and believe min req is for Android 6.


Reliable n efficient


I loaded this to help my local Cafe keep track of my presence. I then find that this app will only accept QR codes generated by the NSW government! WHY ? This is so restrictive and does NOT help with reliable tracking. Useless. The response does not answer my problem, other apps can read any QR code, your restrictions do not encourage people to use it.


I have been using digital license since it is available. It has worked for couple of emergency situation but it cannot replace the card completely. For an example- when we use license for identity purposes, some websites ask for the number on the back of the card which is not available in digital version!!!


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