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eFood - Express Food Delivery

发行商: Evaly
价格: 免费


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Hunger making your stomach rumble? Just order up on eFood and get super fast delivery. Pamper yourself with a treat or binge on your comfort food anytime you want - because eFood brings you the best deals and offers.

- Make your meals more delicious with the most exciting deals and restaurant offers in your area.
- Easy process and speedy delivery? Checked! We deliver your food hot and fresh.
- Choose your food from hundreds of cuisines and tons of restaurant options - available in most major cities.

Exciting Deals and Offers
Give your appetite a boost with special offers, promotions and top restaurant discounts. With eFood, you will never run out of super deals from various restaurants in your nearby area.

Super-fast Delivery: Tap, Tap and Zap!
We understand that when hunger strikes, you want your food ASAP. Hence, our delivery heroes make it a point to serve your order at lightning speed.
Thousands of options a few clicks away.

All we need you to do is enter your delivery address and place an order from your selected restaurant. Confirm your order and the restaurant will start preparing your food. Once they complete, our delivery heroes will fetch it for you.

Are we in your city? Check by downloading our app. We are currently expanding our services in major cities every day - including Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Cox’s Bazar and Sylhet - we have hundreds of restaurants from which you can choose. eFood strives to include the highest number of restaurants for your convenience at your fingertips and hence we frequently add to our family of restaurants and periphery. From Bangla cuisine to Arabian delicacies to Asian Bentos, we cater to all your cravings.
Convenient Payment Options

Your convenience is our first priority and hence payments for your order can be made via Evaly balance, credit/debit cards or mobile financial services like bKash. Be it a rainy day or a lazy day, transfer your food worries to us.

About Evaly
Evaly is an e-commerce platform that is capable of providing every kind of goods and products from every sector to every consumer located in Bangladesh. The world’s marketplace is now only a tap away for any customer in possession of a smartphone/computer and an internet connection. They will be able to purchase everything, from a safety-pin to an apartment building from Evaly.

eFood is the food delivery service platform of Evaly.
Install the eFood app now to order food online.

Visit to learn more.


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